Its All About Perspective

The photo on the right was taken the exact same day, in the exact same time, and light as the photo on the left. You see my friends it’s ALL ABOUT PERSPECTIVE 

When these photos were taken, back when  I was a SoulCycle instructor, I remember HATING THE WAY I LOOKED in the photo on the left…While my facial expression is almost exactly the same in both, I remember thinking that I would never share a midriff baring photo while sitting…. I felt like my belly pudge was sooooo huge! A few minutes later, when I got to pose  while standing,  I remember just feeling  like a totally different person. I felt like I was standing up for me and truly in my element The reality is, I’m the exact same person regardless of whether I’m sitting or standing. What it really comes down to is perspective.. Yes —- I look pudgier sitting…but guess what, I don’t care.

I love my body, my curves, bulges, and pudges while sitting or standing cuz it all comes down to how I perceive me… it’s about loving myself no matter what, while finding strength and confidence in every position life puts me in.

So I’m posting this not only for me, but also for YOU — the girl or guy who judges yourself way too harshly when you should instead be using that energy to LOVE YOURSELF. I’m sharing it for YOU — the person who sees yourself in the mirror or sees a photo of yourself and immediately sees only faults rather than acknowledging YOUR  UNIQUE GREATNESS. For YOU —- just to acknowledge that nobody is perfect. And while on tv and social media we can fall victim to perceptions, false narratives, comparisons, and so much more… It really comes down to perspective… to just LOVING YOU, and TRUSTING YOU and BEING KIND TO YOU with your words, thoughts, and actions so that you are better prepared  to be kind, loving, and trusting of others

You see , sometimes it only takes a small shift of perspective to see something familiar in a different light — YOU DECIDE HOW YOU WANT TO PERCEIVE YOURSELF & THE WORLD.

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