FYR Pit Ryde – 32 Mins

Have a stationary bike at home? Try this quick and fun abbreviated 32-minute version of my Signature FYR method ryde, straight from the FYR Pit of RydeFYR, my Manhattan Beach Studio! This rhythm ride workout is sure to get your body movin’ and groovin’. Since my studio is heated with a UV filtered HVAC system,Continue reading “FYR Pit Ryde – 32 Mins”

How to Chaturanga

Ever wonder if you’re doing Chaturanga correctly ? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I got you boo! In the video you’ll see 3 variations you can use the next time you hear the words “Chaturanga Dandasana” in a vinyasa flow yoga class 1) Full chaturanga 2) Drop to the knees 3) Skip it & Step back toContinue reading “How to Chaturanga”

The One Thing You need to Know in Order to be Truly Happy

January 24, 2016 Earlier this week, on my flight from Austin back home to Los Angeles, I ended up sitting next to a musician. Now I realize that is not exactly a strange, or noteworthy thing, as the odds of sitting next to a musician on a flight to, or from, Austin, Texas are prettyContinue reading “The One Thing You need to Know in Order to be Truly Happy”