Join me on FYR ON Demand where I’ll coach you to feel strong, powerful, and confident, through the use of my signature FYR® Method. Enjoy 90+ Virtual Rydes, Yoga, HIIT classes, access my specialized fitness programs and more! Sign up to join the FYR Fam today and enjoy your FIRST 2-WEEKS FREE!



Get fit with me as your trainer, coach, and hype-woman! My FYR Functional Fitness training techniques are offered in both low and high intensity formats and include aerobic, stength/weightlifting, and bodyweight only exercised. Each functional fitness workout is designed to train your beautiful strong muscles and core to do what they’re supposed to do for you — support you! This type of training not only increases your mental and physical strength and stamina, but will also help make it easier and safer for you to perform your everyday tasks — things like picking up a heavy bag of groceries and playing sports with your kids!


Lengthen and strengthen your strong beautiful muscles with my signature yoga classes and yoga sculpt sequences. With FYR On Demand you’ll have access to my gentle more restorative yoga sequences — perfect for rest and recovery days + my signature “not yo mama’s style” yoga sculpts which often incorporate the use of free weights/dumbells and may include things like high energy cardio bursts, squats, mountain climbers and more.


Got a stationary bike at home? Great. Sweat it out with me with my signature FYR Rydes! Currently I offer 2 styles of rides 1) Purely Athletic 2) Rythym Rydes. If you prefer a purely athletic ride, I’ll coach you through targeted cardio training that with help you unleash your inner athlete with signature rydes that include HIIT, Tabata, Hill Climbs, and Sprints both in and out of the saddle. You’ll find these in FOD featured under purely athletic rydes and within my beginner ryde series program. Perfect for the beginner and even the most advanced rider looking for a fully coached ride focused on athletic drill training and looking for zero choreography. The second style of ride I offer on FOD are my signature FYR Rydes which gives you the opportunity to train with me just like you would in person at my Los Angeles cycling studio, RydeFYR! You’ll experience live classes up to 45 minutes, as well as shorter signature RydeFYR style rhythm rides which are more musically driven, and dance-on-the-bike oriented –think tapbacks and pushups on the bike.

Plus, when you sign up for FYR On Demand, not only do you get me as your trainer for 90+ individual workouts, but you’ll also have access to my curated programs, special fitness challenges (where you can win prizes) you’ll have the opportunity to be invited to in person meet-ups, bootcamps, and pop-ups and you’ll also instantly be a part of the FYR Family — an International community of members who will be virtually working out with you and who are here to cheer you on!


I look forward to working out with Chevy. Her affirmations as you push your body, truly one of a kind experience.

— Vanessa C

Chevy is simply the best instructor/inspiration. Love her. 

— Desiree F.

I feel like this is one of the most challenging workouts I’ve ever done in my life. In the same instance the most inspiring. Chevy is such a great instructor and so uplifting that I walk away feeling like I had a work out, and a therapy session.

— Christina G.

Incredible workout, with an instructor that inspires you to push yourself to your max potential!! I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their strength and stamina!

— Lauren S.

 Great music, great workout! So empowering!

— Natalie W.

Chevy is a great instructor! Her playlists are extremely creative and her class is always challenging. Chevy has created a great vibe

— Kearstin N